Together we’re the church.

In the Bible, Paul tells us we’re each gifted to play a unique role in building up the church. Below are several areas in which you can get involved, cultivate your talents, and meet other people.

Opportunities to Serve

Connections Team

Our Connection Team at Westwood is the front porch of our church and a simple, but meaningful way to welcome guests and attenders each and every Sunday morning.  As a connection team member we look for simple ways to connect with our guests from the time they may look us up on the website to when they leave.  We want everyone walking through our doors to know one thing, “That Westwood was hoping I would be here” and leave thinking, “Westwood hopes I come back”.

There are six areas that you can get involved.  A door greeter, a greeter in the commons,  serving in the kitchen, staffing our welcome table, ushering in our auditorium, and becoming an online host. 

Care Team

This team provides meal support, financial support, hospital and baby visits, funeral assistance, and help in the hard times to those who attend Westwood. Often, individuals who sign up for the Care team are added to a list, and then called upon as a need arises. A person could serve on both the Care Team and another team here at church, as needs can be sporadic – although if you have a true passion for this area, your extra involvement is appreciated.

KidCity (Infants – Grade 1)

KidCity Downtown workers work on three main points with Westwood’s littlest attenders (infants – grade 1): God made them. God loves them. And Jesus wants to be their forever friend. These faithful workers serve on Sunday mornings in one classroom, during one service. Ideally, we’d love to have teachers serve 2-4 times per month – this gives the teacher the opportunity to get to know the kids by name and help them learn in their own way! Once-a-month volunteers are still a huge blessing to the ministry, however, as at times the schedule is not filled, or perhaps a teacher is ill or on vacation.

Volunteers fill out a short application, have a background check completed by Westwood, and then visit KidCity to see where their best fit is within the ministry.

The Link (Grade 2-Grade 5)

The Link teachers work with students in grades Grades 2-5. The students have a worship time, a large group lesson, and classroom activities that reinforce the lesson. Teachers in The Link are especially encouraged to serve 2-4 times per month, as having a regular teacher reinforces relationships and allows both the teacher and the students to become comfortable (once-a-month volunteers are still helpful as illnesses and vacations arise)! Both large group teachers and classroom teachers have pre-set lessons that are emailed in advance, and all activities and necessary lesson items are prepared for them in the classrooms when he or she arrives.

Volunteers fill out a short application, have a background check completed by Westwood, and then visit The Link to discover where their best fit is within the ministry.

Student Ministries

Individuals working with youth work hard and play hard! When it comes to working with youth, there is no ideal volunteer. Just like adults have individual personalities, so do students! So an introverted, quiet, college-aged volunteer might have just as much impact as an energetic, outgoing, 40+ volunteer. We ask for a one-year commitment… although, ideally, small group leaders will start with a group of students and follow those students through each middle and high school year. This allows them to get to know the students and follow them all through the formative years. Also, we value having volunteers serve each week, as we feel this allows the best connection with students (Of course, the occasional sick day or vacation day does happen!).

Volunteers fill out a short application, have a background check completed by Westwood, and visit with Kenyan Kleinsmith about their best fit in the ministry.

Support Team

If you have office or handyman skills, or if you have more week-day availability than weekends, consider joining the support team! Generally, individuals that join these teams are contacted on an as-needed basis, and are welcome to join other teams as availability allows. There are, however, some weekly or bi-weekly volunteer opportunities you’re interested. We are always on the lookout for ways to utilize the talents of our Westwood attenders.

Worship Team

If you have a talent of singing or playing an instrument, we’d love to hear from you! Worship Arts also includes the technology team who’s responsible for running the lights, sound, and digital media used on Sunday mornings. Currently unique to the Worship Team, volunteers in this team provide their availability in advance and get scheduled for the weekends based on when they’re free. For this reason, worship team members are asked to be available 2 Sundays a month, even if they are only used once a month. There is also a rehearsal held during a night of the week, while the music is sent in advance.

Auditions are required for those wishing to play an instrument or sing. Training is provided for all positions on the team.

Dash Minisry 

Dash is a ministry to and by Westwood attendees that are fifty or older. It ministers to the greater St. Cloud area by finding ways to serve the needs of our community. Dash also serves the entire church by both sponsoring and participating in intergenerational church activities.